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High-quality audit and assurance services

You or your company are accountable to others, such as shareholders and other stakeholders, with regard to your financial affairs. 

Financial information must therefore be reliable. The annual accounts are a perfect opportunity for your company to present its performance. A variety of stakeholders – shareholders, (institutional) investors, the tax and customs administration, interest groups within society – will all subject them to critical views. Therefore it is highly important that the information is audited professionally and to the required standard.

Your company’s stakeholders will also expect transparency, risk management and control. During the audit, our auditors will assess whether your annual accounts comply with the applicable accounting principles. The auditors report that is issued provides you and your stakeholders with assurance in relation to your financial figures. Based upon the strategy and objectives of your company, we will also point Out the risks we have observed while carrying out the audit. Those risks, together with their consequences and our recommendations about how to manage them will be presented and discussed with management, supervisory board and/or audit committee.

Our auditors will guarantee that your company’s financial information will be audited based on the required standards.

For more information please contact:

drs. Kjeld Verhoeven RA CISA Partner CPA

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