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Legal advice and services

Our corporate lawyers can advise and support you with a wide range of areas at both national and international level. We monitor and advise on the legal aspects of stock transactions, corporate takeovers, mergers and the establishment of new companies or partnerships.

In addition, we can assess and setup
agreements/contracts for you in the following areas:

  • employment contracts;
  • lease agreements;
  • agency agreements;
  • distribution agreements;
  • franchise agreements;
  • agreements in the area of financing and assurances.
  • general purchase/sales conditions

We can also support you in fulfilling Chamber of Commerce formalities and record minutes during meetings of shareholders or the board of directors.

Of course, you can also call on us for assistance with legal conflicts. Our legal team specializes in labour law (including redundancy issues), leasing law, corporate law, contract law and liability issues. Our lawyers are all members of the NEVOA, Dutch professional association for legal consultants.

For more information please contact:

Henk ter Horst LL.M. Senior Legal Advisor

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