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We help make better deal decisions

The acquisition of a company involves may risks like financial, tax, legal or operational risks.

The due diligence services provided by us offer a clear overview of the risks involved in the potential acquisition – but also the opportunities. Our specialists analyse and identify the existing and future requirements, assess the value of the assets and determine the constancy of the future earnings forecasts. Our specialists also pay special attention to transfer pricing. This is an absolute necessity now that the rules for transfer pricing are increasingly stringent.

Will the purchase eventually take place through the sale of shares or through the takeover of assets? We suggest solutions for the best possible merger structure and payment mechanisms (Cash/debt free or locked box). Due diligence reporting can also serve as an accountability instrument for financial institutions and investors.

The intensity of due diligence can also vary. We offer different ranges like a brief examination of the hooks (limited scope or quick scan) to a complete due diligence investigation (full scope).

For more information please contact:

Geurt Hogenbirk MSc AA RV Partner - Accountant


drs. Kjeld Verhoeven RA CISA Partner CPA


Nathasja Elsbeek RB VAT Specialist


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