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Our tax services: professional, reliable and easy!

Managing tax affairs may be a necessary evil for you and your business. The rules governing taxation, however, are subject to constant change. You need to know the best way to apply the rules, and how to obtain the most favourable outcome possible for your business.

We offer a wide range of tax services. We can offer you ready-made legal and tax solutions that are efficient, workable and compatible with your needs from both a commercial and property law perspective. Among other things, we can file mandatory tax returns for you on a regular basis, and check tax assessments and decisions imposed on you. We can also assist you with tax proceedings.

We also have tax specialists who focus on the following specific areas of expertise:

  • VAT services: value added tax and customs;
  • Estate planning: inheritance law, matrimonial
    property law, gift tax, inheritance tax and
    associated tax and other regulations;
  • International tax services: international tax
  • Payroll tax and social security: payroll tax, social security, liability and wage cost subsidies;
  • Legal proceedings.

If you would like to receive tax advice on a specific issue or are interested in our tax return filing services, please contact one of our tax advisers.

Nathasja Elsbeek RB VAT Specialist

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